Nrithanjali & Kalolsavam 2018

Nrithanjali & Kalolsavam

Terms and Conditions:


1.    Competition is open to children of Indian origin only. It is not necessary for participants to speak any Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam etc.

2.    Organisers will hold the right to verify the registered age of each participant. All participants are hereby informed to carry an age verification document (like Passport, Residence Permit etc.) as proof of their age.

3.    The age proof need to be shown at the chest number desk if asked. Chest numbers will not be issued in case of a failure to provide age proof. The responsibility to provide age proof rests solely on the participants or their parents/guardians.

4.    Registrations will be taken only through

5.    If any item has not received a minimum number of two registrations, the item will be cancelled and the participants registered will be informed via email.

6.    There must always be at least two candidates for a competition of any item to happen. In case, if only one candidate shows up, he or she will be given a chance to perform and will be announced as the winner. Such performances will not be considered for “WMC Kalathilakam” and “WMC Kalaprathibha” trophy and certificate.

7.    No separate competitions are there for male or female candidates - group items can be performed jointly.

8.    The topic for elocution competition and short story writing (malayalam) will be announced on Sunday, 14 October 2018. There will only be one topic each for all categories.

9.    For pencil drawing and painting, only drawing paper will be provided. All other required accessories should be brought in by the candidate.

10.    For Alphabet writing (malayalam) & short story writing (malayalam) only white paper will be provided. All other required accessories should be brought in by the candidate.

11.    For Classical Music, Shruti box can be used.

12.    For Folk Songs, all songs must be in malayalam language.Background Music or track can be used.

13.  Fancy dress should be performed as single. Masks covering the face should not be used; dialogues and sound tracks can be used.

14.  For group items, a minimum of three and a maximum of ten participants will be allowed. Song/music should be from Indian films only.

15.  For group items, if required lower age limit will be waived enabling them to contest with the immediate higher group. The decision on the age group to compete must be made before the chest number is issued.

16.  Due to compelling circumstances, the program coordinator may permit a participant to be part of two competing groups in the same category. Sub-Junior children can register for Junior/Senior category events if the event is not listed in their category.Junior children can register for Senior category events if the event is not listed in their category.However such events or points will not be considered when selecting Kala Prathibha/Kala Thilakam.Special registration needs to be done for facilitating this. Please contact program coordinator.

17.  Participants should NOT choose semi classical dances to perform for single cinematic dance competition.

18.  Stage arrangement for any item is the sole responsibility of the participants. A maximum of four minutes will be allowed in total to set up and clear out the settings. It is advised to contact the stage manager in advance in order to get clarification in this regard.

19.  Background music, track music, etc. wherever applicable as per rules, should be recorded in .mp3 format, and emailed as attachment to on or before Sunday, 21 October 2018. Do not forget to mention the Name of the participant, item and category in the body of the email.  

20.  Trophies and certificates will be awarded to 1st and 2nd positions. Third position will only be awarded with certificate.

21.  Along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, WMC will also announce the grade of these winners. The grades (point percentage range) are A (100% - 85%), B (84% - 70%), C (69% - 55%), D (54% - 40%), E (39% - 25%), F (24% - 10%).

22.  The best female and male performer will be awarded with the renowned “WMC Kalathilakam” and “WMC Kalaprathibha” trophy and certificate. To be honoured with this award, the following criteria must be met.  One prize (1st , 2nd or 3rd) in both dance and a non-dance items. One first prize either in a dance or a non-dance items >Only winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) with scores above 50 percent will be considered.

23.  If more than one participant scores equal points, the average of their individual scores from all individual events will be considered for the primary calculation. If tie prevails even after this stage of tabulation, both candidates will be declared as Kalathilakam or as Kalaprathiba.

24.  If a tie occurs between two or more participants in any competition, all those participants will be declared as winners.

25.  All registrant will receive a confirmation email showing their registration details. If any registrant has not received the confirmation email, please e-mail the registration officer at immediately. Pease check your spam folder as well.

26.  The registration fee for every single dance item is €10 and €25 for every group dance item. The registration fee for every non-dance single stage item is €7, €5 for non-stage items like drawing, and €25 for every group item. Registration fees once paid will not be refunded unless the event has been cancelled or rescheduled. A discount of 10% in total registration fees can be availed if payment made for 5 or more items in one go.  

27.  As a general rule, no professional performers are allowed to contest.

28.  A strict time schedule will be maintained throughout Nrithanjali and Kalolsavam. Candidates are expected to report to the stage manager thirty minutes before the scheduled time of performance. Time schedule will be published online at

29.  Judgement will be based on pre-defined criteria for all items. Criteria will be provided to the jury and will be published at

30.   The verdict of the jury shall be final and no appeal could be made against it. However, appeal can be submitted on tabulation, paying a fee of €25 to the program co-ordinator. If the appeal succeeds, this money will be refunded to the appellant.

31.   Any dispute, complaints or suggestions corresponding to WMC’s Nrithanjali & Kalolsavam shall be referred to the Executive council of WMC Ireland province via an email to

32.  Prizes for winners will be distributed by WMC at its X’mas and New Year celebration scheduled on 29 December 2018. Prizes have to be collected in person or by a nominee at the price distribution ceremony. Prizes will not be posted out or could not be collected on a later day.

33.  Competition entries and material submitted in connection with any competition (whether in written, audio, electronic or visual form, or any combination of those), and any photographs, video or film footage, audio recording etc. taken of competitors become the property of WMC Ireland province. WMC may use the material in any medium and in any reasonable manner it sees fit. Copyright in any such material remains the sole property of WMC Ireland province.

34.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the event.

35.  WMC Ireland province reserves the right to cancel or modify any aspect of the festival or any competition due to problems unforeseen.